Chromebook use - Shortcuts

Here is a list of useful Chrome-based shortcuts

Ctrl + Alt + ? (or Ctrl + Alt + /): Opens the keyboard shortcut overlay, displaying a list of available keyboard shortcuts.

Ctrl + T: Opens a new browser tab.

Ctrl + W: Closes the current browser tab.

Ctrl + Shift + T: Reopens the last closed tab.

Ctrl + Tab: Switches to the next open tab.

Ctrl + Shift + Tab: Switches to the previous open tab.

Alt + Tab: Switches between open applications.

Alt + Shift + M: Opens the file manager.

Alt + Shift + S: Takes a screenshot of the full screen.

Ctrl + Shift + F5: Takes a screenshot of a selected area of the screen.

Ctrl + Shift + L: Locks the Chromebook screen.

Ctrl + Shift + Q (twice): Logs out of your Chromebook.

Alt + E: Opens the Chrome browser's main menu.

Ctrl + Shift + Q + (twice): Logs out of your Google account on the Chromebook.

Search (or Launcher key) + L: Locks the screen.

Search + M: Minimizes all windows and shows the desktop.

Search + number keys (1-9): Launches or switches to the corresponding application pinned to the shelf.

Ctrl + Shift + F: Enters Fullscreen mode in the browser.

Ctrl + Alt + Brightness up/down key: Adjusts the screen brightness.

Ctrl + Shift + Refresh: Rotates the screen orientation (for convertible Chromebooks).